Committees in IIIT Kota

Committee Name Committee Members Purpose
Departmental UG Committee (DUGC) Dr. Parikshit K. Singh, Convener

Program Advisors

To frame and implement the policy for smooth conduction of UG programmes. Prepare academic calendar for each academic session and implement it. To frame rules for supplementary examinations and conduct exams.

Time Table and Examination Dr. Parikshit K. Singh, Convener

Dr. Amit Kumar, Member

Mr. Shashank Dubey, Member

To prepare institute time table at all levels. To frame and implement the policy and rules for conducting examinations of UG students. To organize and conduct supplementary examinations.

Scholarships Dr. Amit Kumar, Convener

Mr. Ashish Sharma, Member

AR(Accounts), Member

To devise mechanism to increase the number of scholarships from external funding agencies. To coordinate between the State/Central Government on the issue of scholarships. To create and announce scholarships for needy students. To coordinate with alumni for the collection of funds for scholarships. To institutionalize and maintain existing scholarships from various industries.

Anti-Ragging Squad Dr. Namita Mittal, Convener

Dr. Amit Kumar, Member

To observe the students movements and any type of teasing or ragging before starting of the class work, during the lunch hour, after closing the class work and during the night hours. If any type of ragging is noticed, the Members will advise the students and will bring into the notice of the Head of the Institution.

Wardens Dr. Namita Mittal, Girls Hostel

Dr. Amit Kumar, Boys Hostel

To arrange upkeep and smooth functioning of hostels. To ensure maintenance of accounts and activities reports. To coordinate with nodal agencies for this purpose.

Website Dr. Amit Kumar, Convener

Mr. Tej Singh Jatav, Member

To maintain and update the all the events and news related to IIIT Kota. Provide the all institute related information.

Grievance Dr. Vinita Tiwari, Convener

Dr. Isha Tripathi Pathak, Member

Dr. Amit Kumar, Member

To meet frequently or at the instance of the convener or at the request of the other members to discuss the various issues received. If the members of the Grievance Committee is connected with the grievance of the aggrieved individual, the concerned member of the Grievance Committee shall not participate in the deliberations regarding that individual’s case. If the aggrieved person happens to be a member of the Grievance Committee, then he shall not participate in the deliberations as a Member of the Committee when his/her representation is being considered.

Library Dr. Amit Kumar, Convener

Dr. Parikshit K. Singh, Member

Dr. Vinita Tiwari, Member

Dr. Isha Tripathi Pathak

To plan and advise on modernization of Institute library including development of E-Library/Digital Library. To suggest measures to enhance the quality of resources materials in the library and create a better academic ambiance in the library. To discriminate information on available sources and organize programs on the use of education technology development, educational aids and use other learning resource materials. Facilitate purchase of books, journals and magazines in consultation with HODs and library committees.

Training and Placement Mr. Ashish Sharma, Convener

Mr. Shashank Dubey, Member

To coordinate with the companies and facilitate placement to students. Organize practical training sessions for students. Take necessary measures to establish linkages with industry. To organize career counselling sessions/programs.

Creative Arts and Cultural Socities Dr. Vinita Tiwari, Convener

AR (Accounts), Member

To plan and conduct cultural related activities within the framework of academic calendar. To coordinate with other NITs and other technical institution for participation in cultural activities. To coordinate the SPIC MACAY programs and other performances. To encourage students participation in Creative Arts and Cultural Activities.

Sports Dr. Parikshit K. Singh, Convener

Dr. Amit Kumar, Member

Dr. Vinita Tiwari, Member

To frame and implement the policy and rules for sports activities. To make the sports calendar for the academic year and coordinate with other technical institutions of the region. To keep all the sports facilities well maintained. To promote sports in students, staff and faculty. To organize competitions and events related to outdoor/indoor games. To plan maintenance and new facilities of outdoor/indoor games.

Institute Purchase Committee Dr. Vinita Tiwari, Convener

Mr. Shashank Dubey, Member

AR (Accounts), Member

AR (S&P), Member

To facilitate and supervise general purchase in the institute. To suggest purchase procedure to be followed by the institute. To facilitate use of ERP systems in purchase of related affairs

Alumni Affairs Dr. Vinita Tiwari, Convener

AR (S&P), Member

To broden the width and breadth of the scope of working with Alumni of the institute. To plan for establishment of additional Alumni Chapter in India and abroad. TO plan Alumni meets within the country and abroad. To interact with Alumni for seeking, suggestion and support for institutions development, scholarships, finacial support in the brand building exercise of the institute. To ineract and coordinate activities for associate activities for associate member of alumni association.

Information and Annual Report Dr. Isha Tripathi Pathak, Convener

AR (S&P), Member

To coordinate the activities related with preparation and printing of annual report and to ensure its submission to MHRD well in time.

Social Media Cell Dr. Parikshit K Singh, Convener

Mr. Banne Singh Bhati, Member

To maintain and update all the official media accounts.

Faculty and Staff Club Mr. Shashank Dubey, Convener

AR (Accounts), Member

To coordinate between institute and the faculty/staff club activities. To organize picnic and other cultural activities of Faculty and staff club. To provide feed-back from the colony residents to improve the quality of facilities in the colony.